4 Microsoft Teams updates you should know about

Alice Gosine

Alice Gosine

We love any new tech announcements at Blackstar, but when it comes to Microsoft Teams we are all over them. 

The latest Microsoft Teams updates were announced at the Microsoft Inspire 2022 event that occurred virtually in July. 

Hybrid working is only successful when collaboration isn’t affected by distance. With the never-ending deterrents holding us back from returning to the office, many still make the most of living in the not-so-new hybrid working world. 

However, when it comes to virtual collaboration, we are still looking to fill many voids left by not seeing our colleagues face to face every day.

If the Metaverse previously announced by Microsoft wasn’t your cup of tea, then take a look at some of the new collaboration Microsoft features summarised below.

1. Excel Live 

Excel Live allows everyone in the meeting to view and interact with a workbook in real-time. 

Microsoft announced that Excel Live will be available for public preview in August 22. 

Excel Live is a addition to the Live Share in Teams feature which was announced at Microsoft’s Build conference in May. 

Microsoft Teams Excel Live
Image source: Microsoft Tech Community

2. Collaborative Annotations 

Collaborative Annotations let all meeting participants draw, type, or react on top of the content being shared in the meeting powered by Microsoft Whiteboard.

During desktop screen sharing, and with Annotation mode enabled, meeting attendees will see the Annotations toolbar and can start adding annotations to get input and drive discussion. Collaborative Annotations are now generally available.

Learn how to use this feature here.

Teams live annotations
Image source: Tom Talks

3. Shared Channels 

The new shared channels on Teams will allow you to collaborate with people outside of your organisation.

This update allows you to chat, meet and share files with everyone involved in a project whether they are inside your organisation or external. This feature is now generally available, read more about how to use this feature here.

Shared Channels on Microsoft Teams
Image source: Microsoft Tech Community

4. Teams Phone

Teams Phone allows you to make and receive calls from your Teams app. 

According to Microsoft, with the newly announced Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, customers will be able to benefit from best-in-class AI and embedded Teams experiences to allow every member of the organisation to help serve customers efficiently.

Read more about phone systems for Teams here.

Man using Teams phone

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