5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

Here at Blackstar we are on a mission to show businesses how video conferencing brings value to your business, saves you time and makes trousers optional at work (or not).

Many years ago, video was unreliable. Hindered by unreliable connection speeds, bandwidth limitations and unjustifiably expensive to finance directors, boards viewed the systems as nothing more than an impressive toy. Then there were the security worries of the popular free platforms – encryption and malware concerns abounded, making business owners worried. Were private conversations really that private?

Business comms and businesses themselves are changing. Here, we highlight the top five problems businesses face that can be helped by cutting-edge video and communication technology.

1. Work/Life Balance

A survey conducted by The Independent revealed that the UK workforce is an unhappy lot, 25% cited ‘work and life balance’ being a cause for concern. Looking after family, meeting the needs of top talent job-seekers and reducing travel stress all factor in. Some employees may request working from home, or become increasingly mobile as they flit from place to place. Happy employees are good employees, and taking steps to implement technology that helps them save time and contribute more focus on the working day without leaving the comfort of their home or location to catch a train, ultimately reduces travel.

2. Your Green Street Cred

More and more suppliers are coming under pressure to conform to environmental legislation, or at least give a nod to reducing their carbon footprint. Whether your organisation has ISO standards to meet, new corporate social responsibility policies or promises to ethically-driven stakeholders, your communications strategy can help you reduce emissions, particularly if air travel is a frequent part of your business. Even implementing video to enable collaboration between homeworkers plays a massive part in reducing traffic or company car needs.

3. The Budget

But VC technology and HD cameras are expensive, right? Not so. Blackstar’s video solutions work with licensing costs to suit a solution to your budget and needs; meaning you only pay for what you need, and the solution can be flexible to grow alongside your business when you need it. With interoperability key to the Blackstar ethos, there’s no worry about non-compatibility if your customer decides to use Skype for Business for example. Your solution can integrate seamlessly with other stakeholder technologies. With time savings associated from travelling, you’ll also be making considerable savings on travel alone, let alone expenses associated with travel such as hotels.

4. Engagement

Heard this before… “sorry I wasn’t listening”, “what was the question” or even worse nothing? Disengagement is a common concern when getting participants together on an audio call, with people sometimes multitasking. With video conferencing, you are more likely to remain engaged. You can see and be seen, with the sense of distance being removed.  Plus, facial expressions and body language can be interpreted.

5. The Minimalism

Once upon time, video conferencing required an army of IT specialists and a room full of equipment. With more and more applications and services transferring to the Cloud, the possibilities for innovative communications with minimal involvement rapidly expanded. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) became a thing, and IT Managers everywhere nervously adjusted to the concept of multi-device communication. Video conferencing saw it coming and engineered solutions to accommodate every type of OS or device. So whether your boss just won’t use anything other than his iPhone, that homeworker who only has access to a desktop, or the warehouse manager who just bought an Android tablet, there’s a Blackstar video solution to tackle it all and present it to you in full HD resolution.

At Blackstar, we’re experts at refining collaboration. Whether you want a complementary solution to sit happily alongside your unified communications system, or a full-on meeting experience, we can find a Blackstar video solution to fit and grow with your business objectives when and wherever you want.

Blackstar offers a range of conferencing solutions. The solutions are user-friendly, scalable, and, importantly they are interoperable with other solutions, meaning you can call anyone anytime. Simple.

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