5 Ways to Ensure Your Leased Line is Installed On Time

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

A leased line provides a dedicated internet connection into your premises offering high speeds that are steady and secure. It’s important to understand the process and how you can ensure the leased line is installed on time.

The type of businesses that install a leased line include:

  • big offices with many employees
  • those that need to transfer a large amount of data
  • manage large websites
  • run their phone system over the internet (VoIP)
  • use multiple software applications
  • want to future proof digital requirements
  • need a reliable and secure connection.

The dedicated fibre service provisioning can be a challenging process. Obstacles, that can be avoided, stand in the way of your leased line being installed on time. 

Here are our 5 top tips to ensure your leased line is installed on time. 

1. Give as much lead time as possible 

Advertised lead time is not to be taken as gospel, more of a best-case scenario. Networks work on best endeavours and after all, things don’t always go to plan.  

Give us as much lead time as possible prior to when you want your leased line installed and we guarantee you’ll be less stressed throughout the process.  

When planning for your leased line order, it is important to allow time for delays during the provisioning of the service. There are many influences to take into consideration, ones that we can control and some that we can’t.  

So, the more lead time you can give, the better.  

2. Provide your customer information

You’ll receive our Blackstar customer information document upon ordering, it’s essential this is returned to us before the order can be placed with the network.  

It saves time during the order, as it requires you to provide the site contacts for the survey, the site information for engineers, where the termination point should be installed and any configurations you may require. At this stage, you should also confirm if you will be needing additional useable IP addresses, as these will need to be justified with the network due to a global shortage.  

Remember, if you get stuck our experienced team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  

Moving swiftly on… 

3. Ensure full site access for survey

Once your order has been placed with the supplier, they will want to do a survey. The survey is a critical point in the provisioning process. 

Your order will not progress unless a thorough survey has been completed. It is essential that during the appointment slot booked for the survey, there is someone available and present on site to allow the surveyor access to all areas of the premises.  

The surveyor will want to see your comms cabinet, the ducting and distribution point during the survey to be able to propose the route that the fibre will take. 

The quicker we’re able to complete the survey, the quicker we will know whether wayleave will be required – Leading on nicely to our next top tip. 


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4. Discuss wayleave with your landlord

A wayleave agreement is a consent in writing, that legally grants access for works to be completed on privately owned land or premises.  If you were a betting person, you would put money on wayleave causing delay to your order. Wayleaves cause the longest delays in the provisioning of a dedicated leased line. 

Typically, if an order goes into wayleave, without prior discussions taking place with your landlord, valuable weeks are lost as a result. To prevent long delays, discuss your order with your landlord, to ensure they are aware that they may be required to sign an agreement.  

We will not know, what works will be needed until the survey has taken place, but if your landlord is aware that they may need to agree on works, they can act on the agreement quickly ensuring minimal delays are caused.

If you are the landlord of the premises, please be aware you may need to sign a wayleave agreement even though the order placed is for your premises.  

So, hedge your bets and be prepared for wayleave. 

Last but by no means least…

5. Test the leased line circuit after it has been installed

Your circuit’s been installed – Great! You’ll need to ensure it is tested within 5 days of the circuit going live. Any issues reported after this date will be treated as a fault and will take longer to resolve. You should never assume… you know the saying.  

Blackstar have a dedicated, experienced team who will be on hand to ensure your order process is managed from end to end.  We hope these steps will help you avoid those unwanted delays. We understand how important an internet connection is to the productivity of your workforce

Businesses in select regions across the UK, including Bristol, can request a grant of up to £3000 to install a Gigabit-capable connection (a type of leased line). Email us at [email protected] to find out if you are eligible.

Moving office or wanting to upgrade your internet connection, contact us on 03331232123 or email enhance@blackstarsolutions to get a quote.