Blackstar Bulletin: Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Solutions

We delayed our May Bulletin as we waited patiently for Apple’s announcement of all the new fancy kit and software coming to those of us who live in the Apple ecosystem. 

Apple completed their Worldwide Developers Conference last Friday to much fanfare, there was even a standing ovation when the announcement came that you can unsend and unread a Message. Clearly, a feature Apple fans have been waiting for. 

But, it’s not all rosy for Apple as MacRumours reports a UK consumer champion is lodging a £750 million legal claim against Apple over the 2017 iPhone throttling controversy.  Apple is accused of slowing down older devices.  

From Apple turning into a bank (Apple Pay Later), to Focus filters and the latest Apple hardware, we look at the announcement that matter and those we think you will want to hear. 

Let’s get into it…

Everything you need to know about the Apple WWDC in 24 minutes…

New hardware

Who doesn’t like a bit of shiny new kit…

M2 Chip

The next generation of Apple silicon is here. Apple says the new M2 chip will deliver an 18% performance increase.  


There is a new redesigned MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch coming with the new M2 chip. 

Focus feature

We wanted to highlight this new feature from Apple. Why? Because if you’re like us and are easily distracted by all the constant notifications you receive it can be difficult to focus on work tasks. 

The new Focus feature allows you to filter what is work and what is personal to avoid distractions. You can also personalise it for exercise, sleep and gaming. 

Continuity camera

Apple is planning to allow macOS users to use their iPhone camera as a webcam

With so many exceptional video conferencing cameras from KonftelLogitech and Poly we’re eager to find out whether this new feature coming to macOS Ventura is any good. 

Apple’s design is getting a bit more human

Apple have been accused in the past of insisting that their products be used in a certain way. 

This article explores how recent features such as un-sending a Message, marking messages unread and other new features are offering a more human experience

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