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Our bulletin about endpoints needs to start with what we mean by endpoints. For this bulletin we’re going to focus mainly on unified communications endpoints, if not, we might be here a while.

So, what is an endpoint? In the UC space, it’s classified as the technology (both hardware and software) that companies use to facilitate their unified communications.

These can come in the form of desk phones, ATA adapters, conference phones, video conferencing cameras, mobile devices, routers, firewalls, laptops, desktops headsets etc. It’s not all hardware, endpoints can also be softphones, virtual firewalls and UC clients.

According to UC Today (see video below) the endpoint represents arguably the most important part of the unified communications solution. The reason, it manages the direct link between the end-user and any system that’s in place.

Considerations about what endpoint your workforce want have been a major shift in endpoint purchasing. End-users have a varying set of demands and the birth of a host of employee personas.  Each has different requirements for hardware and software.

This does make the work of the IT team a challenge as they manage and support different endpoints. However, if your team don’t have the tools they need to communicate effectively they can’t be productive. The good news is we have a software product for just this challenge, called Beam Device Manager.

Let’s get into it…


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The hottest trends in UC endpoints for 2022

It’s not just about software, decision makers need to consider what hardware the end users need to be productive.

The latest trends are a good place to start to understand the endpoint landscape and making the right decision.

A guide to personalising endpoints 

New working patterns have lead to users demanding specific equipment to work from anywhere. A greater level of personalisation have significant impact on productivity levels. 

Want to know how you can personalise your endpoint buying strategy? Read this article.

The most popular endpoint reviews for 2022

UC Today highlight seven of the most popular endpoints of 2022.

There are definitely a few we would add to this list – the Poly X50, EPOS X30, Konftel 70 to name a few.

We can source the devices mentioned on the list, speak to your account manager about costs.

Choosing the right endpoint vendor

There are a few considerations to make when choosing the right endpoint vendor.

This blog looks into 4 steps to help you decide which is the right endpoint vendor for you.  

Make choosing the correct video and audio equipment easy with this interactive office map.

Beam Device Manager 

Reduce your doubt about which employee is using what device.

Device Manager allows you to view the inventory of Jabra, Poly and EPOS devices, including firmware details and usage to improve device adoption.

Contact us to find out more. 


Looking for any Poly, EPOS or Jabra equipment? 

We can source their entire range of headsets, speakerphone and video conferencing units. 

Contact us for a quote

Try before you buy 

There’s no better way to find out if you want to buy a product than testing it yourself. 

We offer a “try before you buy” service so you can be 100% sure that Konftel is the right choice. 

Once you are ready to purchase, you can buy the equipment outright or monthly. 

Contact us to try Konftel.

Mobile broadband devices

Needing to get data on the move or as a back internet connection at home?

We have a variety of devices, both 4G and 5G, that come with an unlimited data tariff. meaning you don’t have to worry about bill shock. 

Contact us to find out more. 

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