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Noisy Little Monkey is a Bristol-based digital marketing agency. For more than ten years, they have helped marketing teams generate more leads and drive sustainable growth. Noisy Little Monkey ensures that their clients grow their profitability, offering better digital marketing and a streamlined sales process.


Noisy Little Monkey were experiencing some challenges with their communications systems.  Their data circuits and telephony were contracted to multiple suppliers and they were spending a lot of unnecessary time, resource and money trying to support the disparate systems in-house.

Noisy Little Monkey were often posting on social media that their phone lines were down.  Blackstar Solutions, a local specialist unified communications provider, proactively contacted them, as they knew they could help them with their telecoms issues.

In an initial meeting, Noisy Little Monkey explained that they were experiencing frequent network outages which meant that if their phone lines went down, they had to spend time trying to find out the cause of the failure.

Noisy Little Monkey’s aim was to reduce the points of failure and to have a single supplier offering a reliable and cost effective solution, with the support package included.


Before they engaged with Blackstar, Noisy Little Monkey were spending a disproportionate amount of time fixing the phones and not getting customer work done. They articulated to Blackstar that one of their key objectives was to outsource all of their communications to a single supplier, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.

Jon Payne, Technical Director for Noisy Little Monkey, said,

“When we started working with Blackstar, the whole process felt really consultative and gentle. They listened to our needs, discussed what they thought we needed and explained their ideas, rather than us having to give them a shopping list.

The difference between Blackstar and other providers is that Blackstar seems to actually care about their clients. You can trust Blackstar because their reputation speaks for itself, and there is always a human ready to talk to you.”

Blackstar reviewed all of Noisy Little Monkey’s cabling infrastructure, which consisted of multiple patch leads. The solution they deployed was Gamma Horizon, a complete hosted communications services that provide an extensive range of capabilities.

They put new structured cabling in the entire office, deployed a managed network switch with internet connectivity and installed a Gamma Horizon cloud-hosted IP telephony solution, all with a comprehensive support contract.



Noisy Little Monkey now enjoy a business class, unified communications solutions which is highly scalable, flexible and cost effective. They are no longer experiencing frequent outages and if they do need any assistance, Blackstar’s support desk can be accessed quickly and easily. Noisy Little Monkey have the peace of mind knowing that Blackstar will resolve any problems with a single phone call. This gives Noisy Little Monkey great, local customer service and by streamlining their suppliers, their communications system is so much easier to use and manage.

Payne added,

“The level of service provided by Blackstar is exceptional. They are like an extension of our business in that they know something is wrong before we do, so we don’t really need to get involved with the support side. However, when we do talk to them, they are so friendly and helpful, it’s like talking to a mate who’s two desks down!

The solution works really well for us. We are dependent on our phones being on all the time. There is never a time when customers can’t get through to Noisy Little Monkey.”

Steve Henson, Accounts Lead at Blackstar Solutions, commented,

“We listened to Noisy Little Monkey to fully understand their business challenges. We used our experience and expertise to deploy the best fit solution for Noisy Little Monkey to suit their current and future requirements.”

Future plans.

Noisy Little Monkey have already started to roll out the Gamma functionality via the mobility app. The network is built in a modular way, so it can be enhanced or upgraded with ease. They have also extended their wireless connectivity out to more remote meeting rooms for audio and video conferencing purposes.



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