Click-to-Dial – Microsoft Teams Voice/Direct Routing

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

Microsoft Teams can be used as your primary means of communication using Calling Plans or Direct Routing.  Either of these options combines the inbuilt collaboration tools for which Teams is brilliant, with the ability to call external numbers (and receive calls from the outside world too!). 

We’re going to let you in on a feature that will turbocharge your calling ability from within Teams.  Microsoft Teams Click-to-Dial increases your efficiency and productivity by removing the need to manually enter a telephone number.  Instead, simply click any number within a browser to place a call directly from Teams. 

Is it for me? 

Microsoft Teams Click-to-Dial is for users who have the ability to call external numbers via either Calling Plans or Direct Routing.  If you only use Teams for internal purposes, Click-to-Dial won’t work for you.  To find out more about setting up Calling Plans or Direct Routing, see our blog. 

Click-to-Dial is great for users who make multiple external calls and use browser-based tools/CRMs for logging notes about those calls.  Instead of flicking back and forth between your browser and Teams, just click on the number in the browser and off you go.  Some CRMs, like Microsoft Dynamics, will even pop a new call record when you click the number to dial. 

How do I set it up? 

  1. Press your Windows button start typing Default – choose Default Apps when the result appears. 

Instructions how to set up as default

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Choose Default Apps by Protocol. 

Choose default apps by protocol


3. Scroll down and find the SIP, SIPS and TEL protocols (protocols are listed in alphabetical order).  Ensure Microsoft Teams is displayed next to each of these protocols.  If not, just click on the one that is, and select Microsoft Teams from the list. 

Select Microsoft Teams from the list


4. Open your browser and click the number you want to call.  You’ll see a pop-up – click on Microsoft Teams. 

Click-to-dial to make a call from Microsoft Teams


5. Teams will pop up – click Call to place the call. 



You’ve now enabled Microsoft Teams Click-to-Dial.  If you use a web-based CRM, you may see a new call note pop up.  Here’s an example of how it looks in Microsoft Dynamics

To find out how you can enable Teams as your default calling platform, speak to your account manager.  Or, email [email protected]