How to decide which cloud deployment to choose?

Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Solutions

Successful businesses understand that when it comes to IP phone systems, selecting the right type of cloud hosting is critical.  As you consider which IP phone system is right for you – cloud, onsite or a hybrid of the two – there are a few key things to consider to help you decide:

The size and location of your IT staff and resources

  • Your company’s need to scale
  • Where you want to put applications
  • How you want to manage expenses: by subscription or by license
  • How your employees can best work with each other, partners and customers
  • If you have any compliance or regulatory stipulations

At Blackstar Solutions, we work with businesses to evaluate their existing telephony systems and review their ongoing requirements.  We provide telephony and cloud solutions that offer flexibility and scalability, ranging from small to medium businesses up to large multi-site enterprises.

Which cloud solution is best for you?

Partnering with ShoreTel, our portfolio offers a wide range of cloud solutions that give you the freedom to choose if, when and how you migrate to the cloud, with options to deploy your phone system onsite, via the cloud or a hybrid of the two.

ShoreTel’s IP phones and unified communications solutions are designed, integrated and tested for reliability throughout the product development and delivery processes. ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is easy on IT, delivers great financial returns, and unifies team communication for improved business performance.

The distributed, virtualised architecture and N+1 redundancy means that if a failure were to unexpectedly occur somewhere within your communications or network infrastructure, essential businesses communications would continue without issue.

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ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is an end-to-end cloud phone and unified communications solution that handles everything for you—from phones to applications to network operations—for solid performance.  It is built with enterprise-class security measures and redundancy at network, infrastructure and application layers to maximise uptime and scalability.

In addition, cloud phone services are backed by ShoreTel’s cloud Service Level Agreement for added reassurance.  ShoreTel and Blackstar engineers manage every aspect, from the phones and cloud architecture to the applications software.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud


When you need the flexibility of the cloud but want to still retain onsite control of primary phone system components, a hybrid cloud solution can be the perfect fit.  ShoreTel Connect HYBRID gives you the mix and match to perfectly meet the needs of your business, by deploying an onsite phone system while conveniently adding productivity applications or satellite locations via the cloud.

Cloud applications such as fax, voicemail transcription and contact centre functionality can be added on-demand, helping increase employee productivity while minimising the impact on IT teams.

ShoreTel Connect Hybrid


With ShoreTel Connect cloud solutions, delivered by Blackstar Solutions, you can finally have the best of both worlds: their flexible deployment models mean that there is no ‘one-size fits all’.

Whatever option you choose, ShoreTel Connect offers the utmost flexibility in how you elect to position your business, as well as your people, for success.

For more information on cloud deployment, contact Blackstar Solutions on 0333 123 2123.