Migrating from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel Connect

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

Considering migrating from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel Connect?

Our engineer Steve O’Shea talks you through the processes to consider.


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Blackstar and Mitel use new step-by-step migration tools that provide guidance for even the most complex 14.2 migrations. Hear how we had success leveraging these tools to deliver first-time migrations to our clients and helped other Mitel partners. Do you have ShoreTel 14.2 and ready to migrate to Mitel Connect? Are you missing process definition, documentation and support for these migrations?

– Migrating now will reduce your support desk requirement to maintain legacy products and allows them to focus on current technologies. This will also give you an opportunity for additional revenue and customer engagement. It’ll open up the customer to a new range of products and services, such as the edge Gateway, ST switches, applied services, and will probably allow you to review other products and services and infrastructure opportunities too.

I would recommend that partners get themselves organized and develop a process that works for their business to make sure that those migrations are performed consistently and efficiently. I’d also recommend that partners ensure their technical team understand all the required steps and are fully prepared and make use of all the resources from Mitel and MiAccess Portal. Perhaps performing in-house upgrades for the experience ahead of time and discuss with the customer the great benefits of Connect in terms of better Cloud adoption, remote capabilities, and increased security and give them confidence in the product itself, the migration process, and their ability to provide these services.

Detail planning and execution regardless of size or complexity will always aid a successful migration. The customer’s got a business to run so it’s important for the migration to be as unobtrusive as possible. A great plan will always give your customer confidence in the product and your ability to support and maintain them. I’d really recommend the resources that are available online from Mitel and the MiAccess Portal. The migration guide is a real must for planning and performing and you really can’t do migrations without this. I’d suggest reading it from cover to cover and keep checking in for updated revisions. There’s also a checklist online based on the migration guide and that’s a really useful document to base your migrations on.

We’ve used that quite a lot ourselves. The software release notes, you should always review these for specific information on the build of Connect that you’re actually using for the migration. The knowledge base is a good resource for articles, discussions, and procedures for migrating servers and such and if you still need more information, your account manager, sales engineers, or even engaging with tech, are really great places to have your questions answered.