Mitel Endorse Blackstar Solutions

Dylan Pepler

Dylan Pepler

The Mitel UK and Ireland Channel Director, Nick Aikman, covers why organisations can trust Blackstar Solutions, a telecoms provider based in Bristol, to both support and implement products and services. Nick talks about the strong relationship between Blackstar and Mitel, the technical expertise, and the trust Mitel have in Blackstar.

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Mitel views Blackstar as a very valued partner and very much a trusted and safe pair of hands, both from a new customer and an existing customer perspective. So we absolutely have faith and trust in their abilities to deliver solutions to net new customers and similarly if partners are looking for new homes to go to, they need to find a new provider and trusted pair of hands, safe pair of hands if you like, in a business, we absolutely endorse that they could go to Blackstar for those services.

Blackstar has a set number of engineers that must achieve an annual goal in terms of their accreditation levels. That keeps them at the highest level, that keeps the support with our customers absolutely where it should be and that’s the sort of level that Blackstar is providing to the customer base. We see Blackstar as friends and partners. That friendship and partnership has grown over the last five or six years and they are key to our business. We have a number of partners, some are clearly reaching higher levels, Blackstar are one of them and our partnership is crucial to our future and Blackstar’s.

Blackstar are a well-versed partner in terms of their technical expertise. Service is something that we monitor and Blackstar is at the pinnacle of that level of service provided to Mitel and Blackstar’s customers. So key to everything we do is the level of service, white glove service is what we look for and that’s very much what Blackstar delivers.

Blackstar are very well versed in how to deliver contact centre solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud and we absolutely believe in to deliver contact centre solutions to our customers.