Noisy Little Monkey Case Study

Dylan Pepler

Dylan Pepler

Noisy Little Monkey, a Bristol SEO and social media strategy agency, explain why they trusted  Blackstar Solutions to implement and support their phone system.

Jon Payne, Technical Director, talks about the consultative approach and exceptional service they received.


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The difference between Blackstar and other providers is that Blackstar seem to actually give a *$%# about their clients. You can trust Blackstar because their reputation speaks for itself. They have lots of happy clients of which we’re just one and the other way that I think it’s obvious you can trust them is there’s always a human ready to talk to you.

We did have some concerns and challenges before we changed the telecoms provider. The main challenge was we had a broadband supplier that was supplying best quality in inverted commas “business broadband”, we were looking after that ourselves and we’d got a cheap and cheerful VoIP system and it was falling over a lot so our main challenge was thinking about we need reliability and we don’t wanna look after it.

The worry was paying for loads of services that we didn’t need. When we worked with Blackstar the whole process felt really consultative and gentle. They went through what it is they thought we needed and debriefed that with us rather than us having to give them a shopping list.

What we were doing before we found Blackstar was fixing the phones and not getting customer work done so it makes more profitable from that sense ’cause we’re able to work more efficiently.

The level of service provided by Blackstar is expectional. They are like an actual extension to our business in that they know stuff is broken before we do so we don’t really have to get involved with our support very much and when we do it’s like talking to a mate who’s two desks down.

The reason it works really well for us is our phones are on all the time. There is never a time when someone can phone and they can’t get through to Noisy Little Monkey or someone picks up the phone and be happy.