The High Cost of Not Doing Anything about Your Phone System

Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Solutions

When was the last time you upgraded your phone system? 7 years ago? 10 years ago? Or was it so long ago you’re not quite sure? Your aging phone system may be costing more than you think. Not only do you have higher resource costs, higher maintenance and infrastructure costs – you also have outdated features, limited mobility capabilities, and fragmented applications and tools.

A Managed Connect CLOUD phone system that is powered by ShoreTel® and managed by Blackstar Solutions delivers full-featured, enterprise-grade communications to companies of any size in a secure and private cloud environment. Have you considered how a managed cloud communications system can help you avoid the high costs of not doing anything about your phone system?

Let’s talk about your phone system total cost


Once your warranty expires, your options are limited to a maintenance contract or paying for time and materials. When the manufacturer stops providing replacement parts, you’re stuck sourcing used parts on the internet. And, when you find the right part, you’re left wondering what condition it’s in and how long it might last – what a hassle…shopping eBay for parts.

Moving, adding, or changing lines

Scaling up and scaling down is part of doing business, and moving locations. You need a communications partner that is not going to charge you additional fees for each configuration change. Costs of redundant equipment and trunks to ensure your phone system is always on can be significant. With Managed Connect CLOUD powered by ShoreTel®, you don’t have additional costs. It’s just always on. We will make, manage and administer your moves, adds or changes for you. It’s that easy.

Now let’s talk about additional costs

Delays and missed deadlines

With all the other priorities and responsibilities in-house staff have on their plate, it can take longer than necessary to complete simple moves, additions, or changes. Adding new features, if they’re supported, can lead to significant delays and there may be unplanned expenses. Whether the in-house team needs a feature that wasn’t purchased, or requires additional training to implement the feature, you’re left with more surprises and delays. Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner to manage these for you so your team can focus on other business issues?

Quality of service

Bad quality equates to a bad customer experience. Don’t have your customers experience poor connections, blocked calls, and other frustrating call issues that cause them to question the quality of your own offerings. Managed Connect CLOUD powered by ShoreTel® offers service elements that just make your job easier including network and solution monitoring and first line customer support.

Finally, we need to talk about the biggest cost of all

Opportunity Costs

Have you been putting off moving to the cloud because you’re focused on other things, such as your core business? Why not focus on core business priorities and let an expert partner move your phone system to the cloud?

Managed Connect CLOUD powered by ShoreTel® and managed by Blackstar Solutions makes these costs obsolete. What becomes relevant is having modern technology to support your business and your customers. As a hosted managed VoIP phone service, you can choose a partner that meets your needs and your budget, without all of the hard costs, soft cost and opportunity costs.