Video: The benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

“Why would I put my comms in the cloud?”

There are loads of reasons to consider a move to the cloud. The main one is, it’s easy:


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Easy Scalability – No need for new lines or hardware when the business grows; simply add licenses or subscriptions which can be done in hours as opposed to days.

Easy Management – With zero onsite hardware required, managing a cloud system can be done from anywhere with fewer specialist skills required. Upgrades no longer require planning or resource as they are rolled out automatically.

Easy Remote Working – Collaboration tools like voice, video, chat, and file sharing are included as standard in both desktop and mobile apps. Work from anywhere without needing to connect back into the central office.

Easy Integrations – Open APIs allow your cloud-based communications system to integrate with other cloud programs, like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Hubspot, Slack, Bullhorn, Google Workspace and many more. Integrations make life for your users easier as everything about your customers is all in one place.

Easily Predictable – Billing for a cloud-based system is done via opex on a per-user-per-month basis. With calls to certain locations included, it should be easy to guess how much your monthly bill will be. Bill shock becomes a thing of the past.”

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