Why You Need Training – The Value of Training (Even If It’s Free)

Emily Dye

Emily Dye

A well-handled call helps your company project an air of professionalism and will give your callers confidence in your capabilities to help them.  The call handling journey doesn’t start when a user clicks transfer – it begins the second the caller is connected to your business.

At Blackstar, we believe providing training to some or all of your users will help improve this experience for your callers.  As such, training becomes one of the most important parts of your implementation.

That’s why Blackstar employs its own dedicated-in house trainer.  I provide everything from taking end-users through the call handling functions on a phone or client to being able to use my 10+ years of experience in the industry to consult on routing best practices for even the most complex contact centre.

Giving your staff an introduction to the capabilities of the phone system you have just purchased will help your business see a return on that investment.  Users generally aren’t involved in the purchasing decision-making process.  A 30-minute training session can introduce them to the features that swung your decision the way it did and ensure uptake of those vital features.

If you’ve had the system for a while, refresher sessions are always beneficial in the case of staff turnover, particularly for IT/system admin and supervisor/reporting roles where technology has been inherited with little or no handover.  Ensuring your staff is up to date with the system will reduce the number of tickets raised to your IT team and subsequently passed on to us which will lead to faster problem resolution for your staff.  An hour spent with Emily discussing a reporting tool could just save your team leaders hours a week lost to number crunching.

Courses are provided on all solutions across our portfolio and include:

  • End-user training (handsets/clients)
  • System admin training (admin portals/call flow editing tools)
  • Reporting and analytics (set up and implement MI reports and wallboards)

For a quote, to book, or to find out more, speak to your account manager or email me [email protected].