Enhance is a series of explainer videos and content to help you develop your telecoms knowledge, get tips and solve your queries.

At Blackstar we’re on a mission to share our many years of expertise with you in a simple easy to digest format. Blackstar Enhance is a place to increase your knowledge, get tips and solve those troubleshooting queries.

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Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams app is the hub for collaboration in Office 365. Chat, meet, call and collaborate from where ever you are.

The videos we cover include: Make a Teams to Teams Call – Make An External Call – How to Transfer Blind and Consult – How to Add a Third Party to a Call – How to Add Speed Dial – How to Change Your Presence – How to Configure Notifications – How to Configure Your Voicemail – How to Retrieve Your Voicemail – How to Forward Calls – How to Manage Delegates – How to Receive Calls – How to Block Calls – How to Set Up a Distinctive Ring – How to Set Up a Secondary Ringer – How to Create Call Groups – How to Set Up Simultaneous Ring – How to Set Up Priority Access – The Difference Between Teams and Channels – How To Switch Devices – How to Add a Contact – How to Make a Video Call – Hot to Use The Chat Feature

Mitel MiVoice Connect

Mitel MiVoice Connect is a powerful communication and collaboration tool for using an easy-to-use interface.

In this series of Mitel Mivoice Connect Client videos we cover how to: Log In – Call Forwarding – Available State – Recording a Voicemail Greeting –  Soft Phone – External Assignment – Making an External Call – Internal Calling – Contact Card – Screen Share – Instant Messaging – Call Transfer – Three-party Calls and Voicemail.

Gamma Horizon Collaborate

Gamma Horizon Collaborate is a complete unified communication experience built on the award-winning Horizon Hosted PBX. Horizon Collaborate is designed to improve productivity and collaborate through video calling, instant conferencing, instant messaging and presence. This is presented in an easy-to-use client available on desktop or app.

Videos included: Install the client – Log In – Change your Profile Picture – Change your Presence – Make a Call – Forward a Call – Make a Three party Call – Set Up Twinning – Activate ‘do not disturb’ – Check your Voicemail – Transfer a Call and Call Pull.



StarLeaf brings people together to work better, wherever they are through video conferencing and collaboration tools.

The videos include: Download the App – Log-in – Change your Profile Picture – Create and Join Groups – Schedule a Meeting -Join a Meeting -Set Up and view Presence – Schedule a Meeting from Outlook – Make a Call – Receive a Call – Transfer a Call – Add a Participant to a Call – Use the Chat Feature – Set up Favourites – Check your Voicemail – Record a Voicemail Greeting – Set up Voicemail PIN and Understand in-meeting Controls.