Microsoft Teams PHONE App

The Microsoft Teams Phone app allows users to chat, meet, call and collaborate from where ever you are without compromising privacy and security.

With an added Teams Phone license and our Direct Routing service, your organisation can make external calls within Teams, find out how we can help you deploy it HERE.

In our explainer videos we cover how to:

Make a Teams to Teams Call – Make An External Call – How to Transfer Blind and Consult – How to Add a Third Party to a Call – How to Add Speed Dial – How to Change Your Presence – How to Configure Notifications – How to Configure Your Voicemail – How to Retrieve Your Voicemail – How to Forward Calls – How to Manage Delegates – How to Receive Calls – How to Block Calls – How to Set Up a Distinctive Ring – How to Set Up a Secondary Ringer – How to Create Call Groups – How to Set Up Simultaneous Ring – How to Set Up Priority Access – The Difference Between Teams and Channels – How To Switch Devices – How to Add a Contact – How to Use The Chat Feature

Note: Some of the videos covered are only applicable for Teams Phone and require either Direct Routing or Calling plans plus additional licenses to work.

How to Make a Teams to Teams Call

Find out how to make an internal call in Teams to members of your organisation or guests in the Microsoft Teams Phone app.

How to Make an External Call

To make an ‘External Call’ on Teams you require  Microsoft Teams Phone using Direct Routing (or MS Calling Plans). Direct Routing allows you to utilise Teams to dial any telephone number, not just other Teams users, using telephony services you may already have, like SIP trunks.

Find out how this works and how we can assist your organisation to deploy it by clicking HERE.

How to Add a Third Party to a Call

Find out how to add a third participant to a call.

How to Transfer Blind and Consult

You have two choices when transferring a call, blind or consult. Transferring a call without speaking to the recipient is a blind transfer with the option of transferring to voicemail or you can speak to the recipient (consult) before transferring the call. Find out how to transfer calls in these two ways in the video.

How to Add a Contact

Find out how to add a contact in the Teams app.

How to Change Your Presence

Presence enforms Teams users whether you are available, find out how to use the Presence feature in the Microsoft Teams app.

How to Configure Your Voicemail

Find out how to configure your voicemail in the Microsoft Teams app.

How to Add Speed Dial

Adding contacts to Speed Dial let’s you quickly contact users. Find out how to add contacts to speed dial.

How to Receive Calls

Find out how to receive calls and the various options available.

Find Out More About Direct Routing for Teams

We’re offering unique ways to deploy Teams Phone via Direct Routing Services. Direct Routing enables calling within the Microsoft Teams app to support your workforce wherever they are. It is also a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans.

We’re giving you choice in how you deploy Phone System for Teams.

How to Retrieve Your Voicemail

Once you’ve configured your voicemail (see previous video) the next step is knowing how to retrieve voicemail messages.

How to Forward Calls

Learn how to forward calls in the Microsoft Teams app.

How to Manage Delegates

Learn how to manage delegates in the Teams app.

How to Block Calls

Find out how to block those unwanted calls.

How to Set Up a Distinctive Ring

Change your incoming ring to know what type of call you’re receiving.

How to Set Up a Secondary Ringer

Find out how to set up a secondary ringer in Teams to play incoming alerts on another device.

How to Set Up Simultaneous Ring

Find out how to set up a simultaneous ring in Teams. Calls will ring the Teams client and the other members in the group, the first person to pick up the call will receive it.

How to Create Call Groups

Find out how to set up a call group so that more than one person can take an incoming call.

Note: This is a Phone System for Teams feature.

The Difference Between Teams and Channels

In this video, we dive into the differences between Teams and Channels within the app.

How to Set Up Priority Access

Priority Access will allow certain members to call you when your Presence is set to ‘Do Not Disturb’. To learn more about Presence watch our video on the subject further up the page.

How to Switch Devices

Chat in the Teams app allows users to send instant messages to fellow Teams users. Find out how to use the Chat feature.

How to Use The Chat Feature

We’re going to show you how to create an audio or web conference on the Collaborate client.

How to Configure Notifications

To ensure you don’t miss instant messages on the Channels and Teams you follow ensure to configure notifications. Watch how this can be done in our explainer video.

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