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In our series of StarLeaf app videos we cover how to:

Download the app and log-in, change your profile picture, create and join groups, schedule a meeting, join a meeting, set up and view Presence, schedule a meeting from Outlook, make a call, receive a call, transfer a call, add a participant to a call, use the chat feature, set up favourites, check your voicemail, record a voicemail greeting, set up voicemail PIN and understand in-meeting controls.

How to Download the Desktop App

Find out how to download the StarLeaf desktop app and log in for the first time.

How to Change Your Profile Picture

Find out how to change your profile picture to let people know what you look like. Upon initial set up your avatar will be your initials, this can be changed by following the instructions on the video.

How to Create and Join Groups in Desktop App

Find out how to create and join groups in the desktop app for seamless collaboration. Groups are a great way to collaborate with relevant people in a department or if you’re working on a project together.

How to Schedule Meetings from Desktop App

Find out how to easily schedule a new meeting in the desktop app. The video will also show you how to schedule recurring meetings.

How to Join a Meeting in Desktop App

Find out how to join a meeting in the StarLeaf app, including from your desktop or dialling in via a phone.

How to Set up and View Presence

Learn how to set up and view your colleague’s presence. The Presence feature allows you to know when people are available and how they want to be contacted.

How to Schedule a Meeting from Outlook

With the StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook, you can schedule meetings and invite attendees directly from Outlook.

To download the StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook go to Note: You may need admin rights to add the Scheduler to Outlook, speak to your system admin for more details.

How to Make Calls from Desktop App

Learn how to make calls to other members of your organisation from the application.

Need A Huddle Room?

StarLeaf has launched its new huddle room solution.
Contact us to find out more.

How to Receive a Call

Find out how to receive a call from the StarLeaf desktop app.

Note: you need the app to be running in order to receive calls.

How to Transfer a Call

Learn how you can transfer a call to a different user in the desktop app.

How to Add a Participant to a Call

Find out how to add a new participant to an existing call or set up an ad hoc group call.

How to Use the Chat Feature

Find out how to use the Chat feature on the app to send instant messages to users, set up groups and share files.

How to Set Up Favourites

Find out how to set up favourites in the desktop app. The favourites feature allows you to star contacts and groups you contact the most.

How to Check your Voicemail

Find out how to check if someone has left you a voice or video voicemail.

How to Set Up a Voicemail PIN

Learn how to set up a voicemail PIN for added security. If someone has left you a voicemail you can set a PIN for your mailbox to ensure only you hear the message.

How to Record a Voicemail Greeting

We’re going to show you how to record a voicemail greeting in the StarLeaf desktop app.

Understand In-Meeting Controls

The video will explain how to understand the in-meeting controls whilst you’re on a call.

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