complaints policy

1. Objective

Blackstar is dedicated to providing high quality solutions, efficient services along with fast and friendly customer service.  However, should the level of service fall below what is expected, the company is committed to handling any complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This Complaints Policy therefore aims to:

• Provide a framework for Blackstar Solutions employees to work with when handling complaints from customers

• Ensure consistency within Blackstar Solutions in handling and resolving complaints from customers and

• Support our commitment to provide quality solutions, services and customer service.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees of Blackstar Solutions, who are aware of all relevant processes and able to address any initial complaints to either handle directly or escalate accordingly.

Escalated complaints will be handled a member of the Management Team appropriate to the nature of the complaint.  Further escalation and any ultimate decisions will be handled by the CEO.

3. Policy Statement

3.1. Providing customers with easy access and a point of contact to lodge a complaint is a fundamental element of our overall policy.  We would always encourage any issues to be initially raised directly with your Blackstar contact with the aim of resolving as quickly as possible for you.

3.2. Should the above not resolve the issue, official complaints may be lodged by any of the following methods:

Telephone: 0333 123 2123

Email: [email protected]

Post: 3 Kings Court, Little King Street, Bristol, BS1 4HW

3.3. When lodging a complaint, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

a. Description of the problem or complaint

b. Who and when you spoke to at Blackstar Solutions

c. What actions did they say they would be taking

d. Any other evidence to support the complaint

3.4. Complaints handling process:

a. Upon receiving a complaint, Blackstar will acknowledge the matter via telephone or in writing within 5 business days.

b. Blackstar will keep the complainant informed of the progress of the complaint, along with proposed actions and the expected timeframe for resolution.

c. Blackstar’s aim is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, however depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint, this may take longer if further investigation is required.  In these cases, regular updates will be provided along with likely timeframe for resolution.

d. Blackstar will advise of a Stage 1 decision within 4 weeks where the outcome of the complaint will be provided.

e. Should the Stage 1 outcome not be satisfactory, this should be notified to Blackstar in writing where the complaint can be escalated and re-evaluated, and a Stage 2 decision in the form of a final response or ‘Deadlock Letter’ will be provided within 8 weeks.

f. Should the Stage 2 outcome also not be satisfactory, further external party involvement may be required such as legal, Ombudsman etc., to assist in any final outcome.  The Deadlock Letter will provide further information regarding this, however the References section in this Policy provides links to organisations who provide Alternative Disputes Resolution.

3.5. Blackstar Solutions has established, and will continue to develop, quality processes for the efficient acknowledgement and processing of complaints

4. Definitions

Complaint – An expression of dissatisfaction or grievance by a customer or member of the public about any product, solution or standard of service provided by Blackstar Solutions.

5. Related Processes/Procedures

• Complaints Process (BLA-PRC-0025)

6. References

• Ombudsman Services –

• Ofcom –

• Financial Ombudsman Service –

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