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Latest Teams tips and tricks
Microsoft Teams
Emily Dye

Latest Teams Tips and Tricks

We all love a new bit of tech here at Blackstar.  Fortunately for us, Microsoft releases new Teams features more often than Netflix releases true crime docuseries.  After spending some time playing with the

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Blackstar bulletin
Blackstar Bulletin
Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Bulletin – VoIP

Cloud communications (VoIP, hosted PBX, virtual PBX, UC, hosted telephony) has revolutionised the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Not a bold statement, we know. However,

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Blackstar Operations
Alice Gosine

Blackstar Ethernet Provisioning Guide

This page provides information regarding Blackstar Solutions’ ethernet provisioning guide of your Fibre Ethernet order, from placement to completion.   Contents  Blackstar Customer Information   Pre-Survey Checklist   Ethernet Categories   Provisioning Milestones   Potential

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