With security threats coming from various sources, it’s vitally important that your business remains protected.

Protect your networks and systems from cyber threats

We never know when a cyber-attack might affect our business and bring productivity to a halt. Cyber attacks on businesses are rising; there is one every 45 seconds.

Phishing is one of the many ways to enter your network and steal important information. Prevent phishing attacks by educating your employees with a fully-managed phishing software service.

Firewalls are a critical security layer that most businesses require, but most find it challenging to maintain and stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of security threats. A managed firewall mitigates this risk without the need for IT resources.


Be Ready

Educate your employees about phishing and the risks involved and assess your current situation.

Peace of Mind

Know that your systems and networks are safe from attack with a managed firewall.

Be Safe

Stop unwanted cyber security threats from attacking your business-critical systems.

School of Phish

We’ve partnered with School of Phish, which handle everything from assessing your current situation and helping with policymaking, providing phishing awareness training and recommendations, and doing all the admin.

Every package offer includes a Phishing Simulation and Awareness Education Campaign, running regularly throughout the year. They recommend starting with a full assessment of your current situation, employee phishing awareness and phishing prevention.

Phishing investigation is taken off your plate, with the Outlook Reporter email add-in for employees, followed by the rapid response from our security centre. We also provide automated phishing threat scanning and threat sharing alerts and intelligence as part of our community.

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Managed Firewall

Working with Fortinet, we offer firewall technology with excellent protection capabilities and threat management, including anti-spam, anti-virus and web filtering.

Our managed firewall service reduces the need for costly in-house IT resources. The firewall is fully managed by us and includes design, installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Ensure consistent, up-to-date security and an excellent experience.

Our Security Partners

We work with a range of carefully selected partners to provide our clients with choice and a solution that meets their communications needs. 

Our close relationship with industry-leading technology partners provides our clients with solutions that enhance their business; School of Phish and Fortinet.


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