Mobile Broadband

Bring the internet with you with one of our mobile broadband solutions.

Mobile broadband is a portable internet connection that runs over a mobile network. 

We offer a full range of devices and tariffs to ensure your workforce stay connected wherever they work. 

Stay connected wherever you work

Our mobile broadband devices and tariffs give you the freedom to get an internet connection on the go or as a backup internet connection.

4G covers 99% of the UK population, and 5G mobile technology is now more available, with users accessing data speeds of 100Mbs and faster. Future 5G speeds will reach 1Gbps, making mobile broadband a viable replacement or backup for home or business internet. 

Our team can recommend the most suitable device and tariffs for your requirements. If you prefer, you can bundle the cost of the device and tariff into one manageable monthly fee with our Mobile Broadband-As-a-Service solution. 

Choice of Networks

Choose between the three major business networks - O2, EE and Vodafone. These networks cover 99% of the UK population and offer superfast speeds.

Range of Devices

Devices to suit your requirements, from single USB plug-in devices to routers to support an entire office floor.

Unlimited Tariffs

Get peace of mind with our affordable unlimited data tariffs. Avoid bill shock and download, stream and video call without worry.

Mobile Broadband Devices

We source a broad range of devices to keep you connected. You can choose between the following devices: 

USB Devices

This mobile broadband plug-in option is for laptop users on the move. With fast downlink and uplink data rates, as well as low latency, it provides you with a high-performance and responsive connection.

Mobile WiFi Devices

Create your WiFi hotspot with one of our mobile WiFi devices. Unlike USB devices, you can connect to multiple WiFi devices such as smartphones, laptops and notebooks. These devices are small enough to fit in your pocket, perfect for those users on the go.  

WiFi Routers 

WiFi routers provide WiFi connectivity when your internet goes down or as an internet connection on the go. These routers have the option of using a wired connection for faster speeds.  A 4G/5G WiFi router is the perfect option for areas with limited or no access to the internet. 

These devices can be purchased outright or packaged as part of a managed service; see our Mobile Broadband as a Service section. 

Mobile Broadband Tariffs

Choose between single-user fixed data, shared data for multiple connections or unlimited data tariffs. The contract term options include 30-day, 12, 24 or 36-month terms. 

If you’re looking for that extra level of control, we provide tariffs on Plan gives you the ability to control usage, cap data usage and bar usage types such as streaming, and this is all done on their easy to use platform. 

Our team is on hand to find you a suitable data tariff for your connection based on your requirements. 

Mobile Broadband As-A-Service

Take the hassle of finding the right tariff or device with our Mobile Broadband as a Service solution. 

Let us know what you need mobile broadband for, and we will do the rest. Included in our service is the following: 

  • Mobile broadband device
  • Unlimited data tariff
  • Set up
  • Ongoing support
  • Flexible contract term

All you pay is one simple monthly fee. When you no longer require the service, you return the device and sim. 

This service is perfect for businesses waiting for their internet connection to be installed, needing a temporary internet connection as they wait for repairs, or are in an area with no fixed internet. 

Client Testimonial

"Blackstar have managed our mobile phone requirements for a number of years...they have been efficient, professional and astute and we are on the best tariffs we could be on, thanks to their expertise"
James Mallender
The Legal Director 

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