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Mobile device management (MDM) gives you in-depth detail and control over your mobile usage and costs. 

This is delivered in one easy-to-use platform that is connected, configured and controlled by you. 

Boost productivity and reduce costs

Manage your entire mobile estate using a straightforward platform and add value to your business mobiles. 

Experience unrivalled transparency and control across your mobile account and get insights so detailed you can pinpoint every byte of data consumed. 

Some of the mobile device management features include: spend and usage limits, bar usage types (roaming, premium rate, gambling, streaming, social media), location tracking, lost, and stolen bars, SIM swaps, usage/spend notifications and malicious content removal. 

Draw the line between work and play by restricting access to services, sites and apps that cause costly distractions and decrease productivity.

Control Costs

Spend no more than you want to by barring out of bundle charges such as premium rate calls, international calls or roaming.

Set Limits

Set usage and spend limits to ensure you never get bill shock. Stop users from going over their data allowance and receive notifications if they are getting close.

Improve Productivity

Remove distractions for your workforce by blocking non business related applications and usage types.

Mobile device management and Control

 Hardware profiles

Access information about which users are using which mobile handset. The portal provides information on the make and model of the handset. 

Lost & Stolen and SIM Swaps

If one of your users loses or has their device stolen, the portal, available as an app, can quickly bar the connection to avoid unwanted charges. A new sim can be issued and easily swapped over on the portal if the device is recovered or replaced.

New number 

If an employee leaves the business and wants to re-issue the connection, a new number can be requested and applied.

Usage insights

 Live data usage

Quickly see what you’re spending with live usage breakdowns by call, text or data, all in real-time.   

Detailed usage

Pinpoint voice, text and data usage. Go as deep as finding what websites users are visiting.  

Historical usage

Discover trends and analyse usage with historical data reports you can quickly locate and download.

Productivity Tools and Controls​

Streaming and Social Media

Block access to social media sites and streaming at a network level, saving you time and money.

Gambling and Adult Content

Restrict access to gambling and adult content sites could be a costly distraction to your business. In some cases, restrictions are a requirement by a governing body, e.g. sports organisations. 

Call, Text and Data Controls 

Keep tabs on usage with limits and restrictions on certain usage types, saving unwanted costs and preventing bill shock. 

Live Alerts and Notifications

 Spend Limit Notifications

You will receive an automated notification when you reach a usage threshold. The admin user can easily set up these usage thresholds in the portal. 

Data Usage Alerts 

Keep tabs on data usage with automated notifications, ensuring you never go over your allowance.   

Roaming Notifications

Avoid unwanted roaming costs through notifications at a level you manage. 

Our Mobile Device Management Partners

We work with a two carefully selected mobile device management partners to provide our clients with choice and a solution that meets their communications needs. 

Our close relationship with industry-leading technology partners provides our clients with solutions that enhance their business; and SOTI.

Client Testimonial

“We had a culture where we were slightly reluctant to change. But Blackstar held our hand through the entire upgrade process, and we are delighted with our new phone system and mobile device management platform. It was all so easy with Blackstar, and if I’m honest, I wish we’d done it sooner!”
Joe Kaniecki
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

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