One cloud solution for video, chat, phone and contact centre.

Enable comprehensive communications for your business using one platform and one experience

8×8 is a leading integrated cloud communications platform provider, trusted by more than one million business users worldwide to empower their workforce while connecting individuals, teams and customers.

As ways of working and customer expectations rapidly evolve, 8×8’s Open Communications Platform™ brings together voice, team chat, meetings and contact centre solutions.

However large or small your business, 8×8’s scalable platform grows with you, reducing costs and maximising agility, while helping you become more resilient and responsive.

Thanks to our programmable APIs and built-in compatibility with major software, 8×8 integrates seamlessly with your preferred way of working, so you’re always open for business.

Blackstar are a trusted 8×8 reseller based and are experienced in supporting and implementing the entire range of 8×8 unified communication and contact centre solutions. 

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Why 8x8

By integrating voice, video, chat, contact centre, and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform, people are more connected and productive no matter where they are in the world.

Global: a global presence with a local touch in over 120 countries

Secure: Fully encrypted and secure with a large number of compliance certifications

Integrated: Open APIs to quickly customise, integrate and embed in any application

Reliable: Always available with guaranteed uptime and voice quality

Insightful: AI driven analytics providing key business insights

Cost Effective: Reduced total cost of ownership with one service and one app

Meet 8x8 X Series

Set your employees and customers free by connecting them with a single app for all modes of communication, running on the 8×8 Open Communications Platform in the cloud. That’s right: with 8×8 X Series it’s possible to bring together the best of voice, video, chat, contact centre, analytics, and APIs. 

8×8 X Series empowers everyone to work more naturally, and every business to be more successful. All from one powerful app, running on any device from anywhere.

Business Phone : Make your phones work smarter. Leverage cloud PBX to more effectively onboard employees, manage and scale your voice services.

Team Chat : Connect teams in an instant with 8×8’s business chat. Easily access your conversations with your contacts, whether they are your colleagues on the same phone system or an external chat application.

Contact Centre: A complete cloud contact centre solution that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with agents, employees and customers.

Video Conferencing: The best video conferencing solution for businesses of any size. Fully secure, reliable, packed with features and ridiculously simple to use.

Analytics: 8×8’s single platform provides clear, aggregated analytics across all of your cloud communications. Giving you the time back to focus on what the data means to your team.

Integrations and APIs: Bring voice, video and chat to the applications you use every day.











8x8 and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is the primary collaboration hub for millions of employees in organisations around the world.

Teams users can make and receive global calls right from the native Teams dialler thanks to direct routing with 8×8.

8×8 for Teams provides a single cloud platform with advanced telephony and contact centre capabilities for Microsoft Teams.

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What our customers say

“Blackstar always prioritises what’s right for the client’s needs. They are very cooperative, agile and a nice team to work with. They feel like an extension of our team and are also technically strong. I see our relationship with Blackstar as a long-term partnership.”
Garry Watts - Head of Business Operations - Opus Talent Solutions

8x8 FAQs

No need for new lines or hardware when the business grows; simply add licenses or subscriptions which can be done in hours as opposed to days.

With zero onsite hardware required, managing a cloud system can be done from anywhere with fewer specialist skills required.  Upgrades no longer require planning or resource as they are rolled out automatically.

Collaboration tools like voice, video, chat, and file sharing are included as standard in both desktop and mobile apps.  Work from anywhere without needing to connect back into the central office.

Open APIs allow your cloud-based communications system to integrate with other cloud programs, like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Hubspot, Slack, Bullhorn, Google Workspace and many more.  Integrations make life for your users easier as everything about your customers is all in one place.

8×8 has porting agreements with most major carriers, so chances are you will be able to move your current numbers over to 8×8 – we have yet to meet a business whose numbers we weren’t able to move acrossPorting lead time will drive the go-live date for any 8×8 projectHowever, with 8×8 supplying temporary numbers as standard, forwards from an existing system can be put in place while waiting for porting datesThis ensures you won’t be caught out and you can go live when it suits you. 

8×8 is really flexible about audio end points.  Desktop, mobile and web apps, which function as soft phones, are included in the X1 license.  These work best with headsets.  Blackstar recommends a high-quality headset such as those available from Poly, Jabra or EPOS, although essentially any headset will work with the solution. 

If your users require handsets, 8×8 is compatible with Poly, Yealink and Cisco devices.  We are able to supply Poly handsets pre-provisioned for your system so it is literally just a matter of plugging a handset in and it will come up already assigned to a user.  If you have Poly or Yealink devices from another deployment with a different provider, we may be able to flash these and reprovision them to 8×8, potentially saving you having to purchase new hardware. 

The default caller display number for each user is their direct dial.  However, there is complete flexibility with outgoing caller IDThis can be set to a main number for all users, or users can be allowed to choose their outgoing caller ID depending on who they’re callingThis is a great feature that helps ensure your important calls get answered. 

No, you can use the 8×8 Teams calling app for some/all users so you don’t need to pay for the Microsoft licence. 

Billing for a cloud-based system is done via opex on a per-user-per-month basis.  With calls to certain locations included, it should be easy to guess how much your monthly bill will be.  Bill shock becomes a thing of the past.

8×8 is designed with no single point of failure. Their highly secure infrastructure delivers your communication service from a secure, fully redundant and geographically diverse state-of-the-art data centre.

From a data transmission and storage perspective, 8×8 uses the strongest commercial encryption capabilities available including AES 256 and encryption types that are compatible with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) as well.

Microsoft Teams is the primary collaboration hub for employees in organisations around the world. Teams users can make and receive global calls right from the native Teams dialler thanks to direct routing with 8×8.

Yes, 8×8 is able to integrate multiple sites and/or PBXs within the same tenantThis ensures users can dial out of their site with local dialing rules (what they’re used to!) and calls to users at other sites are freeThe company directory can be fully integrated across all sites, or standaloneExtension numbers can be prefixed with a site code meaning the same extension can be used at multiple locationsFinally, 8×8’s georouting technology ensures the best possible call quality by sending voice traffic to a user’s local data centre. 

8×8 is sold via licensing tier, from X1 through to complex contact centre package X8.  The X1 license includes everything a back-office user will need: 

  • Direct dial and extension 
  • Desktop, mobile and web app including soft phone on each 
  • Ability to be added to a ring group for call distribution purposes 
  • Company directory, including user status 
  • Personal directory 
  • Free calls to UK local, national, and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03, 07 dialing codes) 
  • Voicemail box (optional) 
  • Instant messaging (optional) 
  • 8×8 Meet video conferencing (optional) 

We like to be transparent with our customers; if you book an 8×8 demo, we will let you know if the feature we’re talking about is included in the X1 license.  As you can see, the majority of the time, the answer is yes, however certain features (for example, CRM integration) will require a more expensive license.  You can mix-and-match license types, so if a small team has more complex requirements, you only pay more for those users, not across the board. 

We agree – 8×8 does come with some brilliant features out of the boxHowever, if it’s simplicity that you need, the majority of features can be disabled via a user’s profile policyProfile policies are sets of permissions that are applied to usersMultiple profile policies are possible for the same system so you can ensure users only have access to the features they needIf a feature is disabled, it is completely removed – as opposed to greyed out – from the user’s app, which keeps the interface slick and easy to use.

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8x8 eXperience Platform

The 8×8 eXperience communications Platform empowers enterprises with modern communication experiences, boosts employee productivity, delights customers and reveals deeper insights for smarter decisions. 

Get voice, video, chat and contact centre from one cloud platform. Mix and match licenses based on user requirements and provide a tailored experience for everyone. 

Stay agile and easily scale up and down as your requirements change. 

What our customers say

“Our experience with the technical services team at Blackstar, from pre-sales all the way through to support has been absolutely excellent. They’re a really knowledgeable team, they’re a really friendly team, and they’re a really helpful team; which is really important to us, from a partner perspective. Implementation of the 8×8 phone system, was very much a joint effort where we worked together with Blackstar to really sort of nail down what we needed; and make sure that what we were putting in place now was sustainable and easily changed in the future.”
Scott Marshall - Operations Director
Eloquent Technologies

Blackstar Solutions are a trusted 8×8 partner, providing their eXperience Communications Platform for cloud communication and contact centre.

Contact us for a quote or book a demo on 0333 123 2 123, alternatively email us on [email protected]