Advanced reporting, analytics and management of your Microsoft Teams environment.

Reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams that is easy to use and improves productivity

Beam enables the management of multiple elements of your Microsoft Teams environment and provides insights into how it’s being used.

From a single application, Beam delivers business critical information through user-defined reports, daily dashboards and trend monitors which are all designed to deliver actionable data quickly and in an understandable format.

See who is doing what, where, and when –and how effectively they’re doing it. This means your business can save money, increase productivity, drive user adoption and improve the customer experience.

Microsoft Teams have revolutionised working practices around the world, bringing new ways of communicating and collaborating. To make a success of this new way of working you need robust and adaptable reporting and analytical tools. This is where Beam comes in, it shines a light on your organisation’s Teams usage.

Beam includes 4 modules, each with its own functionality. These include Real Time, Range Manager, Device Manager and Performance Analytics.

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Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Teams

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Beam Modules

Beam provides your organisation with in-depth reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams.

These are divided into 4 modules, each with its own set of reporting capabilities for your Microsoft Teams environment. You can access all four modules from one application.

Beam Real Time

The Real Time module provides an easy-to-use customisable wallboard and trend reporting for Microsoft Teams users. Display call data, historical dashboards and monitor agents and call queues.

Key Features

  • Realtime presence status
  • Gamification of dashboard
  • Filter on CQ / AA and Agent
  • Role based access
  • Call handling trend dashboards
  • User defined layout
Beam real time reporting for Microsoft Teams on laptop
Beam range manager for Microsoft Teams

Beam Range Manager

Range Manager gives you visibility of multiple number ranges, numbers and extensions using Microsoft Teams, in a single pane of glass view. Monitor capacity levels to pre-empt purchase of additional ranges or numbers. Identify unused and ‘rogue’ DDIs not allocated to a range. Simply add new ranges, allocate numbers to employees or free up available DDIs.

Key Features

  • Automated integration with AD
  • Simple adds/moves and changes to ranges, numbers and extensions
  • Organisation wide view of all ranges
  • Pro-active alerts when a range is reaching capacity
  • Export reports
  • Identify rogue DDIs
  • Auto range generation when sequential unallocated DIDs are identified

Beam Device Manager

Reduce your doubt about which employee is using what device with Microsoft Teams. Device manager allows you to view inventory of Jabra, Poly and EPOS devices, including firmware details and usage to improve device adoption.

Key Features

  • User defined dashboard
  • Quick view of certified or non-certified device users
  • Full inventory of devices from multiple vendors
  • Visibility firmware versions for devices and employees
  • Firmware updates directly to devices
  • End to end user experience
  • Full device reporting available
Beam device manager for Microsoft Teams
Beam reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams brochure

Beam Brochure

Download the brochure to find out more about how Beam can benefit your organisation and get detailed information about the modules.


Increase user adoption

- Monitor trends in user adoption, view collaboration statistics and activity
- Highlight areas for further education and training

Manage user experience

- Monitor call quality, identify any problems, know what needs fixing
- Check who’s using certified headsets and devices

Improve productivity

- Translate expected efficiency gains into improved customer-service KPIs
- Understand how Teams is creating a more efficient workplace

SCapacity planning

- Analyse SIP-trunks, DDIs and device utilisation across multiple locations

Easier cost management

- Understand call usage to gain tighter control over costs
- Apportion call costs for easy cross-company billing

Reduce abuse and time theft

- Check that staff are using the technology for legitimate purposes
- Use budget thresholds and alerts to control costs and eliminate external fraud

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