Wallboards for the next generation.

Motivate and retain top talent, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Optymyse from SJS Solutions is the most advanced smart contact centre visual software solution on the market today. It has been designed based on the principles of cognitive neuroscience to allow you to reduce stress, staff turnover and expensive re-training costs, whilst improving customer experience and staff retention.

Optymyse Agile

Support Remote Workers

With Optymyse Agile, you have the complete flexibility to take your regular wallboard home with you and display it on a mobile phone or tablet.

Bringing Optymyse home means that you have access to the same real-time metrics – as well as the important messages and alerts – which support and encourage your teams. This promotes well-being and keeps agents motivated as they adjust to working remotely.

Watch ht video find out how agents are using the wallboards at home.

Your employees will make less mistakes in just 10 days

Motivating Metrics

Optymyse is more than just another wallboard – it’s a powerful new way of thinking.

Optymyse allows you to provide your agents with relevant, engaging and motivating content that they need in order to deliver amazing service. Providing agents with autonomy, confidence and certainty reduces stress, promotes wellbeing, and allows them to take better care of themselves and your customers.

Your agents will make fewer errors in just 10 days. Watch the video to find out more.

Work Anywhere

Optymyse is a powerful, browser-based contact centre visual communications solution. It also works wherever you do: At home, in the office or on the beach! Give your agents the complete support they need to work from home effectively. Share the essential information that everyone needs to deliver amazing customer service – wherever they are.

Rapidly respond to changing situations

Keep everyone calm, informed and ready to respond when your customers need you most: Text scrollers, RSS feeds and Boolean triggers to provide information that your agents need – exactly when they need it.

Optymyse also allows you to display live streaming video from TV stations, YouTube, CCTV and a whole range of other external sources.

Build connections

Scheduling birthdays, reminders, work anniversaries and office activities might not seem important – but it really is.

Optymyse allows you to bulk schedule important events, announcements, recurring reminders and anniversaries so that your agents feel connected, recognised and valued. This increases their status and will make them want to work harder and stay with the company longer.

Optymyse integrates seamlessly with just about any contact centre platform, but more importantly, by combining metrics from you CSAT, WFM and other platforms will allow you to build balanced, fair performance management dashboards guaranteed to drive the right behaviour.

Optymyse - Police/ Emergency Services

Rapidly respond to changing situations

Unrivalled features

Guaranteed interoperability

Native HTTPS

ODBC Connectivity

Message scheduling & Intelligent triggers

Rest API

Browser based

Inbuilt database engine

Cloud/On-premise deployment

Templates provided

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What our customers say

“The team at Blackstar helped us understand what we need as a growing business in the technology sector and in turn understood our budgets. Their bulletproof solution has saved me endless sleepless nights and days of frustration!”
Jon Payne

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