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Video Conferencing Security is Paramount

StarLeaf video meeting products and services are built with security at their core. StarLeaf is among the very few video conferencing service providers to achieve the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

With remote working becoming the new normal, you need to be sure your video meetings provider is taking security seriously.

The infrastructure on which this communications network is based is entirely owned and developed by StarLeaf. It provides a powerful and reliable platform for the provision of video conferencing as a service to businesses globally without reliance on any third-party infrastructure for the core service

Why StarLeaf is Different

The security of StarLeaf users is a top priority, and they’ve invested heavily in it since the beginning.

Here’s why StarLeaf is different.

  • StarLeaf is secure from malicious attackers intercepting messages or accessing meeting sessions because we enforce encryption.
  • They own and manage their own service, so aren’t exposed to potential security or reliability issues in third party services.
  • StarLeaf product development and engineering are done entirely in-house in the UK.
  • They don’t share user data with other organizations like Facebook.

This focus on security has allowed StarLeaf to achieve and maintain the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 security certification.

Download the StarLeaf security information pdf which outlines the key policies and processes.

Platform ownership

StarLeaf has architected its own global platform ∞ Extremely agile, quick to roll out updates and respond to risk ∞ We know where every byte is; essential when protecting our customers’ data ∞ We have access to every log line; critical when supporting our customers’ service

Remain in control of your data

We ensure customer data is isolated to a nominated location, which retains data within a jurisdiction of your choice. Multiple data centres within each jurisdiction ensure your data is stored with geographical redundancy.

Encryption and authentication

Data both in transit and at rest, whether media streams in your video calls and meetings, recordings or instant messages, is encrypted with approved, secure and always up-to-date cryptographic methods.

Legal compliance

StarLeaf has its own dedicated security team. We meet all data processing agreements and ensure our customers operate inside data protection laws.

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The free version of StarLeaf is available worldwide and across all devices, requiring only an internet connection and an email address to get started. Users can then meet with anyone on video, anywhere. Anyone can use the service by downloading StarLeaf HERE.

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