With Business needs forever changing, Vodafone and Blackstar Solutions have developed a strong partnership to meet the requirements for businesses small and large.

Vodafone provides business mobile solutions to meet your business needs. They have carefully tailored solutions to ensure you stay connected wherever you’re working.

Data usage is driving much of the decisions around business mobile tariffs. Our process is to consult with you to understand your needs and provide an in-depth analysis of your account before we recommend suitable solutions from single or sharer plans to data-only tariffs.

At Blackstar, we pride ourselves in our service and establishing long-term relationships, some spanning over 15 years. Businesses trust us to implement and manage their Vodafone business mobile account and we’re proud of being rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Some of the solutions we can provide include single user tariffs, shared data plans, MDM, device plans, 5G accessibility, the latest technology and more.

Single User Plans

Vodafone pride themselves in providing competitive, flexible and reliable plans which can suit any users need. You get unlimited UK calls and texts as standard with all single user tariffs and they have numerous data plans you can choose from, including unlimited for any heavy data users.

You won’t have to worry about receiving bills that are out of your budget anymore. With Vodafone spend caps, you can choose individual limits for your mobile numbers so your bill will never exceed what you set it to! These limits can be changed at any time.

Shared Data Plans

Shared data plans allow for groups of mobile users to share an agreed amount of data between them. You will still get the benefit of unlimited calls and text messages however you will have a pool of data that users can dip into.

This can be extremely helpful for businesses who struggle to predict their mobile data usage or those who’s usage fluctuates on a month-to-month basis.

While you are not able to have a spend cap on the shared data plans Vodafone offer, you will be able to obtain near live usage on a regular basis to ensure your account is on track to stay within your shared data allowance. Blackstar also provide the option to carry out regular account reviews to ensure you are staying within your limits.

Data Only Plans

With the current demand for stable connectivity whilst at home being more prominent than ever, our large range of data only plans on Vodafone can satisfy the growing need for home WiFi failover solutions.

We can now offer 5G unlimited tariffs to ensure you have fast speeds and won’t go over your allowance. Contact us to find out more.

Travelling Abroad

Whether you’re planning a quick trip to Europe or to the other side of the world, Vodafone has you covered with roaming options to suit your requirements and budget. Continue to use your mobile as you would at home across multiple locations.

If you’re traveling to Europe you can use your mobile as you would at home at no extra cost.

Traveling to destinations outside of Europe? You can use your domestic tariff abroad in 104 countries for £5 per day.

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We have a team of specialists who love to find ways of reducing your costs and showing how we can add value. We will consult with you to understand your bespoke requirements and then provide an in-depth analysis of your account. Best of all this is free. Simply fill in your details and we’ll be in contact.


“Blackstar Solutions have been providing an excellent service for nearly a year now, and I cannot fault their professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm to provide the best service possible. From the initial discovery process, they helped us identify our requirements, without bias, provided a seamless implementation, and have been excellent in after sales support with all the requests we’ve made.”
Paul Targett
Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP

Billing Options

Due to our close partnership with Vodafone, Blackstar offer a one bill solution where you will receive your mobile bill under the Blackstar telecoms solutions with us.

This makes managing your services easier and seamless alongside giving you one point of contact for all support and billing queries.

Hardware and cashback

As we all know, our phones tend to be glued to our hands and this seems to be crossing into how we work. At Blackstar Solutions, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide the latest mobile devices.

We’re able to get your new device on next day delivery and can provide a cashback sum towards the cost of devices, when you take your Vodafone business mobiles out with us.

Why Blackstar Solutions?

  • Dedicated account management from a single point of contact
  • Escalations dealt with by single point of contact with over 15 years’ experience
  • Bespoke reporting tailored to your needs
  • In-depth tariff analysis and regular account reviews to ensure you’re on the correct plan
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible data allowances
  • Unlimited calls and texts as standard
  • Mobile support is free of charge
  • Warranty on all devices
  • Ability to implement response SLA’s

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What our customers say

“The team at Blackstar helped us understand what we need as a growing business in the technology sector and in turn understood our budgets. Their bulletproof solution has saved me endless sleepless nights and days of frustration!”
Jon Payne

Blackstar Solutions are a trusted Vodafone partner, business mobile solutions. Contact us for a quote or book a demo on 0333 123 2 123, alternatively email us on [email protected].