Earn up to £1,000 by referring us

Know of a business that needs our telecoms solutions and wants exceptional 5-star service? 
Refer us into them and you could earn up to £1,000.

How it works

THE figures

We'll pay 30% of the referred client's first months revenue, up to £1000.

Example: If you refer an organisation to us and they sign a contract that costs the client £3000 per month, you’ll receive £900 as a one-off payment.


Insert your details in the form below and the company you are referring in the message box, include as much information about them as possible and we'll be in contact with you.

Once the sale is complete we'll contact you to chose how you wish to claim your referral fee.

Referral FEE

You can claim your referral fee in one of the following ways:

Amazon voucher
Bank transfer
Charity donation
Credit on your organisation’s invoice
Equipment/Technology fund for your organisation


The referral fee can be claimed three months after the sale is complete. We’ll be in contact with you to claim your referral fee.

Referral fee paid on a minimum 36-month contract term, excluding mobiles which are a minimum 24-month term. Minimum referrals of 20 users.

A maximum amount of £1000 can be claimed. At our discretion, we can pay out more for larger deals.

You may refer multiple businesses to us. 

Submit your referral

Please insert your details below as well as the details of the company you wish to refer us into. Include as much detail as possible about the company you are referring.

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