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The quality of the experience your customers have whilst interacting with your business will shape the future of your relationship.  Good interactions will be rewarded with loyalty and referred business.  A not so good exchange – even just one – puts the entire relationship in jeopardy.

Elevate your customer experience

Contact centre solutions provide you with a central hub to manage those all-important customer interactions.  Whether customers want to reach you by phone, email or social media, a contact centre will allow you to manage all aspects of the exchange – from logging that interaction took place, how long it lasted, what the outcome was, through to how satisfied the customer was in the end.

Contact centres provide complex inbound and outbound omnichannel routing solutions, agent availability and management, analytics, reporting and much more. Blackstar partners with award winning contact centre providers to give you a choice when it comes to your customer interactions.

Informed Decisions

Knowing your peak hours makes it easier to grant or deny leave requests. Tagging a reason code on a call allows for trend analysis that can lead to the creation of improved call flows.

Contact centre analytics remove the guess work and allow you to make decisions based on actual data.

Agent Availability

Why present a call to an empty desk or to an agent who has been assigned other tasks?

Contact centres allow agents to manage their availability. Calls are only routed to available staff, cutting down unnecessary wait time. Disagree with someone’s status? Supervisors can manage agent availability, even remotely.

Priced to Suit

Think contact centres are only suitable for big corporations? Think again!

Your customers’ needs should drive how you interact with them, not your size. Contact centre deployments rapidly decrease complexity and cost, making even the smallest contact centre a viable option.

Cloud Contact Centre

Implementing a contact centre used to be a convoluted process involving additional hardware, portals, login information, you name it.  The advent of the cloud has removed much of this complexity.

Cloud contact centre provides you with all of the features you’re used to without the need to install any hardware – even handsets – on site.  Hosting your contact centre in the cloud provides a genuinely resilient disaster recovery plan.  With softphones accessible from anywhere, agents can log in from home, allowing your business to operate as usual should anything happen on site.

Blackstar is proud to partner with our cloud contact centre providers 8×8, RingCentral and Horizon Contact.  We are also able to offer Mitel Contact Centres in Private or Hybrid Cloud deployments.

Man using cloud contact centre
Woman using social media integration

Social Media Integration

Using the phone as an actual phone is a rare thing these days.  Consumers, especially younger people, have preferred communication methods, and that preference is moving away from traditional voice channels.

Using email, web-chat & social media allows your customers to contact you at times that suit them.  They can continue with their day instead of waiting in a queue.  As the interaction is chat-based, you can provide links and canned responses that make it easier for customers to help themselves.

Blackstar’s contact centre solutions integrate with popular social media vendors including  Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.


It’s much easier for a business to make decisions when there is solid data to back them up.  Being able to accurately report on every step of the customer’s interaction journey will allow you to make all sorts of decisions – from when an agent can go on break to increasing headcount.

Reporting comes as standard with all of Blackstar’s contact centre solutions.  Packages include real-time dashboards, allowing supervisors and team leaders to manage queues from anywhere effectively and historical reports, which can be sent to relevant parties automatically at any interval they choose.

The ability to create and interpret reports takes experience.  Our Training Services Team have been working with contact centre reports for years and will help you extract meaningful information out of these all-important tools.

Man using call recording in a contact centre

Call Recording (PCI Compliance)

Call recording is usually a must with contact centres, usually for compliance purposes.  However, not all call recorders are created equally.  If you handle payments over the phone and your recording solution isn’t PCI DSS compliant, not only are you putting your customers’ data at risk, but you could face fines for doing so.

There are many different ways to achieve PCI compliance:  DTMF tones can be masked or suppressed; a secure link can be sent to the customer, or recording can be automatically paused while a transaction is processed and resumed when it’s finished.

Blackstar partners with Semafone, Gamma Link Pay+, Oak Innovate, Key IVR and Redbox to provide secure, compliant call recording solutions.  With so much choice, you can be sure to have your calls recorded your way.

Our Contact Centre Partners

We work with a range of carefully selected contact centre partners to provide our clients with choice and a solution that meets their communications needs. 

Client Testimonial

“Looking at the call analysis pre and post Covid-19, agents are spending longer on calls with customers.  It is even more important, during these uncertain and often lonely times for many fans, that we continue to invest in our supporters, who in turn have given Bristol Sport their loyalty over the years. The Mitel technology and support from Blackstar Solutions have both been excellent, helping us to achieve and maintain our superior levels of customer service."
Ryan Corrigan
Bristol Sport

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