A VoIP phone system provides your business with standard telephony features and functions but route your call traffic over the internet, resulting in lower call costs and monthly line rental.  

Cloud-based or ‘hosted’ systems also mean that you no longer have to worry about looking after on-site hardware.

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device

A VoIP phone system empowers your team to collaborate and work from anywhere using features such as Chat, Video Calling, File Share, Voice Calling and Contact Centre features. 

Bringing the internet into your telephony solution provides versatility, allowing your employees to make and receive business calls from wherever they have an internet connection. With little to no hardware involved, VoIP phone systems are easily scalable to match your growth ambitions.

From our offices in Bristol and Cardiff we can help you choose the right VoIP phone system no matter where you are in the UK. 

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Work from Anywhere

Make and receive calls from anywhere using any device connected to the internet. Mobile clients put your extension in your pocket, ensuring you never miss another call.


Break down geographical barriers with out-of-the-box collaboration features. Many VoIP phone systems include tools like video calling, conferencing, file and desktop sharing, and instant messaging as standard.


With three different deployment models to choose from, you can ensure your solution fits your needs. Choosing where your system is hosted gives you flexibility on costs and the amount of time you’ll spend managing the system.

Some of our VoIP Phone System Clients

What our customers say

VoIP Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork and collaboration. A powerhouse in the remote working space. Add the ability to make external calls in Teams for a powerful unified communications platform.



8×8 is a leading integrated cloud communications platform provider, trusted by more than one million business users worldwide to empower their workforce through its single Open Communications Platform.


Zoom Phone

With Zoom Phone, you can easily make and receive phone calls, share files, video calls and send chat messages from the Zoom desktop and mobile apps. Zoom’s modern desktop & mobile apps require minimal training and are designed for ease of use. Consolidate your disparate systems into a single unified app that will allow your employees to do more.



RingCentral’s MVP platform is an all-inclusive VoIP phone system and collaboration platform delivering messaging, video and phone. The fully mobile MVP platform facilitates a successful remote working experience. 



Mitel makes business communications and collaboration seamless with a range of unified communication solutions. Their mobile-first approach means organisations can work anywhere, anytime. 


Gamma Horizon

Horizon is a complete VoIP communication service from Gamma that combines handsets from several manufacturers, an easy-to-use web interface, Gamma’s trademark network resilience and services, and the power of the world’s leading call controller platform from Broadsoft.


Woman making a call on a mobile

Info on Hold

The on-hold experience doesn’t just have to be cheesy music. Use hold and queuing time to relay useful service and sales information to your customers.

With Blackstar’s Info on Hold service, you provide the script. A voice over artist will record it over your choice of background music. Recordings are high-quality, adding an element of professionalism to your business. With various pricing structures, you can choose how often you change your messaging.

Providing relevant information to your callers can benefit your business in multiple ways. Service information improves the caller experience by reducing hold time. Providing sales and marketing information can turn time on hold into a potential revenue stream.


Not only can calls be made or received from anywhere, but VoIP systems also turn anywhere into a meeting room with out-of-the-box conferencing tools.

HD video and audio conferencing with no meeting or minutes restrictions are available as a standard feature. You can join or host meetings from wherever you’re connected. Apps for Android and iOS mean you can share content from your mobile.

Blackstar’s VoIP conferencing solutions include all of the standard host controls, like meeting lock, lobbies and participant permissions. Integration with Google and Outlook calendars makes scheduling easy. Pair it with a personal meeting room solution from Konftel or Poly to bring the conference room experience to the home office.

colleagues using video conferencing cameras for hybrid working
Emily using a Jabra headset


The cloud allows us to make and receive calls from anywhere. However, not all workspaces provide an ideal calling environment.

Pairing a headset with your cloud phone system allows you to be more flexible about where you take calls. A high-quality headset will provide noise cancellation, meaning fewer distractions and a better calling experience for your customers and your employees. 

Deployment features like Bluetooth or interchangeable USB/stereo connectors allow you to use the same headset with multiple devices.

Blackstar partners with Poly, Jabra and EPOS to provide you with the best choice for comfort, features and price when it comes to headsets


A wide range of handsets is available for Blackstar’s VoIP and Cloud solutions for people who like to pick up and dial a phone. Handsets are delivered to site pre-provisioned. Simply plug them into a working network port, and they’re ready to use.

VoIP handsets adhere to the work from anywhere ethos and are a great addition to a home office. All that’s required to use a handset at home is a network cable to connect to the router and a power adapter.

Blackstar works with Poly and Yealink. With a wide variety of models to choose from – including wireless DECT phones – there are plenty of options available to meet your business’s needs.

Barry using a handset
large conference room using speakerphones


Blackstar partners with Jabra and EPOS to provide portable Bluetooth speakerphones. Turn any room into a meeting room and instantly start collaborating with colleagues and customers.

Portable speakers provide the conference room audio experience you’re used to, all from a device that will easily fit in a laptop bag. Full duplex performance allows simultaneous speech between you and other participants. Noise-cancelling microphones ensure background distractions are kept to a minimum.

Portable speakers can be used across devices with plug-and-play wires or Bluetooth connectivity. They’re ideal for the home office or small to medium-sized conference rooms of up to 6 people.

Our VoIP Phone System Partners

We work with a range of carefully selected VoIP phone system partners to provide our clients with choice and a solution that meets their communications needs. 

We work closely with our industry-leading technology partners to provide our clients with solutions that enhance their business.


"The level of service provided by Blackstar is outstanding. They have a really good, well-balanced team. Seamless handover from sales to operations to aftercare – this makes them stand out."
Robert Hingston
Origin Workspace

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