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For multi-site organisations, our advanced Wide Area Network (WAN) services provide a fully-managed network along with a range of access services to connect sites to the core network. 

We can also provide direct and private connections into Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to secure and optimise your cloud investment. Or perhaps you’d like to deploy your own hardware in the core of the network, we can facilitate that too.


Wide Area Network that's reliable, scalable and secure

Your WAN (Wide Area Network) should enable you to expand your IT services, regardless of location, allowing users to share access to applications, services and other centrally located resources.



Resilience is built into the core of our WAN offering with multiple data routes and our recommendation of diverse carrier fibre into each location.


Security is at the core (and edge) of what we do. We will work with you or your chosen security partner to secure your network using a combination of technologies


Once you are connected to our network it's incredibly easy to add more connections and maintain a single, secure network.


Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solutions deliver resilient, secure, multi-point connections across any type of transport medium, using any protocol. MPLS support a wide range of access technologies such as voice, data, video, internet and hosted services. 

Blackstar Solutions work with carriers to control how traffic is routed on the network, manage capacity, prioritise services and prevent congestion. 

Our MPLS-based services offer secure, highly resilient connectivity between multiple sites and enable provisioning of centralised services, efficiently directing network traffic to prioritise your most important data.



Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a software-based approach for businesses to utilise and manage more than one external network connection such as MPLS, broadband, and fibre optic at a given location based on its performance.


The growing number of cloud applications hosted in multiple locations and accessed in different ways creates a challenge for IT teams. With SD-WAN, network admins can define which WAN link an application should use or set up rules for which link should be used based on its performance.


We provide high capacity, low latency WAN services with uncontended high bandwidth, which allows organisations to expand and contract networks when required while benefiting from a cost-effective, high-quality service for all business-critical applications.


Private Hosting

Private hosting is a bespoke cloud hosting solution that isn’t shared with other organisations. A private hosting solution resides on a company’s internal network or in Blackstar’s hosted data centres where your system is protected behind a firewall and running on dedicated infrastructure.

In a private cloud environment, you remain in control of things such as maintenance windows, SIP carriers and extended functionality bolt-ons for things like PCI compliant call recording and contact centre.  You can choose to retain as much or as little of the management overhead of the solution as you see fit.


This can also be a great option for companies who want to move services to the cloud but want to minimise the disruption of moving to a new system or those who just want to prolong the lifetime of their investment whilst moving systems to the cloud.



Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect enables private connections to multiple cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Direct cloud connectivity provides secure, high performance, end-to-end connectivity for critical applications without the requirement for traversing the public internet.

Ensure your connections to your cloud environments are reliable and cost effective. 


Co-location allows organisations to host their own equipment (computing, storage, networking) in an external data centre.  Hosting equipment in an external data centre cuts down on the cost of running a data centre whilst benefitting from the advantages of a private data centre environment. 

Organisations can also see a boost in performance by using data centres that are closer to their users  which reduces latency and congestion. Co-location benefits companies that need to stay compliant and have their data stored in multiple locations. One data centre becomes a single-point of failure, with co-location you can cost effectively use back-up sites. 


Blackstar Solutions offer a managed colocation service. This involves renting access in our data centres, in multiple locations, for your hosting requirements. 


International Coverage

Working with our carrier partners we are even able to extend your WAN into international locations, ensuring that you don’t need to deal with multiple carriers across the territories your business works in. 


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